“Emily, You’re So Lucky!”

When I tell people what I do, or they look at my Instagram account, one very reliable reaction is, “You’re so lucky!”  I usually say something like, “Yeah, my life has ups and downs, peaks and valleys, victories and challenges, just like anyone else’s.”  Really I’m thinking, “IT’S NOT LUCK!”

Do you really think my life is a symptom of luck?  Like I didn’t intend for this life to happen?  No, no, really…it just fell into my lap. There was no choice here. No effort.  No blood, sweat and tears.  As though life’s tragedies and pitfalls have just sailed over my head and created a shit storm of 9-5 work, mortgages, and car payments in everyone else’s life instead.  

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No, really, it’s all rainbows and waterfalls and beaches and tropical island sunsets for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is, please stop telling me I’m lucky.  It’s not luck.  I made a decision.  A terrifying and exhilarating, life-altering decision.  I’d been staring over the edge of a cliff, wondering what was at the bottom and too scared to jump.  I finally realized, it doesn’t matter what’s at the bottom.  So, one day, I decided to stop staring and turn around and simply fall back, trusting that something soft would catch me.

I’m sure at this point you’re wondering, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO LADY? 

Well….I’m a traveling yoga teacher. 


I know, I know, not the type of sarcastic tone and introduction that you’d expect from someone levitating and meditating and handstanding their way around the world, right?!  Well that’s why I wanted to start this thing; this online diary/blog/verbal vomit.  Because I think there’s a common perception of yoga teachers (it doesn’t matter where it came from, but it sure does exist): that we have risen above all of life’s difficulties and have it all figured out and blah blah blah.  Really, we’re just humans.  We come in all shapes and sizes. 

I’m a flexitarian (I eat what my cells are craving, which is typically plant-based).  I drink alcohol sometimes. I study non-dualistic Tantric Philosophy and Thai Massage. I practice yoga asana almost everyday. I meditate and journal nearly everyday.  And I say “f*ck” a lot.  I love fiercely and, sometimes, recklessly.  I try to live an intentional, mindful life.  I try to do good in this world.  I’m the blend of things that are uniquely “me”.  I am human.  HI!

I booked a plane ticket to Bali to begin my journey to wherever opportunities would take me about two months ago, but this began long before that.  I set this intention years ago, before a couple of those detours happened that life tends to throw your way.  When loving recklessly became a life lesson…twice.  But those are stories for another time.

I know I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s OK. I’m hoping that within this you’ll find some insight into travel and teaching and being a solo woman in the world, along with a healthy dose of laughter and food for thought and entertainment and ALL THE THINGS.  I love all the things.

I so look forward to sharing life with you. 

Each and every one of you.

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6 thoughts on ““Emily, You’re So Lucky!”

  1. Can’t wait to read more! The lucky comment – there is a price paid for every choice – it ain’t luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PREACH lady! You know what I’m talkin’ about!


  2. Love this. Happy journeys to you.


  3. Love this! So looking forward to watching this space grow. Well done, my beautiful friend. xoxo


    1. Thank you my dearest Friend Sauce💗


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