Head Shot - small smileI found yoga…or yoga found me…and saved my life.  Yoga has found and saved me many times since the age of 18, when I took my first class for college credits.  With a dance background, yoga satisfied my passion to move and make beautiful, challenging shapes with my body.  Eventually, the emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga found their way into my life and I’ve been living my yoga ever since. 

After 12 years of dedicated practice, I earned my 200-hour certification in Thailand in December 2015 with Shy Sayar, creator of the Tantravaya© Yoga Method, which emphasizes universal alignment principles.  I strive to teach people, not poses, making the practice accessible, challenging and enjoyable to anyone who attends my class. I integrate breath work, meditation and a healthy sense of humor into each of my classes because this practice should be as much fun and insightful as it is challenging!   

I am currently teaching public classes and leading workshops in Los Angeles, California, and looking for the next great adventure!

Come play yoga and let’s make magic happen!

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