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I was introduced to Thai Massage when I visited the country of Thailand for the first time in 2010, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I learned Thai Massage techniques during my Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.  It was by far the most effective form of massage I’d ever received and I was hooked. Determined to learn as much as possible in order to increase my offerings, I travelled to Chiang Mai to find my teacher. I became a devoted student of Ajarn Pichest, an internationally recognized Master who developed his own therapeutic approach, and study with him every year.

Northern Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor and the receiver remains clothed since no lotion or oil is used.  I use my body as a tool to massage the client’s body, focusing on broad trigger point therapy work to release tension and increase mobility, along with some assisted stretches and rhythmic movements to reduce stress and evoke deep relaxation.

If you are interested in receiving a treatment from me, I am currently working out of my private studio in Loreto, Baja. I also offer online workshops to groups of 10 or more. If you are interested in the opportunity to have me host workshops at your studio, please fill out the contact form.

benefits of thai massage

Emily McMichael Yoga-Thai Massage Benefit-Improve Joint Mobility

Improve joint mobility

Emily McMichael Yoga-Thai Massage Benefit-Increase Circulation

Increase circulation

Emily McMichael Yoga-Thai Massage Benefit-Alleviate Muscle Tension

Alleviate muscle tension

Emily McMichael Yoga-Thai Massage Benefit-Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation

Emily McMichael Yoga-Thai Massage Benefit-Reduce Stress

Reduce stress

Emily McMichael Yoga-Thai Massage Benefit-Reset Nervous System

Reset nervous system

"Wow! Thai Massage with Emily is totally amazing! She's very attuned to what your body needs - stretching, compressing, deep pressure - all to invigorate, restore and energize. I 'm now a convert! "

 Lyn G

"I am so grateful for the changes Emily brought about in me, both physically and emotionally. Never before have I had the type of support she provided during an emotional release. Her work is life-changing."

Leonard B.

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