“Emily is a highly skilled, knowledgable and sensitive yoga instructor. She is clear and concise, and she paces the class for optimal processing and reacting. She considers the capabilities of the participants and always offers modifications. What I appreciate most about her is the tone she sets in the class. She is a yoga teacher and practitioner in the truest sense in the way she emphasizes compassion for oneself and others, and provides an atmosphere of non-competitiveness. There is always a reminder that the physical practice of poses is only one of the aspects of yoga, and she invites us to take what we learn on the mat … off the mat!”
-Bobbi K
“Emily is honest and genuine.  She has a no bullsh*t way that gives others permission to put down their defenses.   Her perceptive ability to see through the walls shines through her teaching.  She can sense when the class is ready to throw in the towel on a pose, and gently encourages them to remain…she is truth.”
-Lindsay O
“On a personal level, I remember meeting Emily and thinking how sweet and sincere she was.  And then I had the pleasure of watching her turn into this beautiful, free-spirited woman who I deeply admired at the time and still do.  Emily has always seemed anchored in the confidence of who she is.  And now, as someone I’m eager to learn a deeper yoga practice from, I find her to be this wonderful combination of soft and gentle, yet strong and precise.  I love her.  I love her honesty.  I love the connection she isn’t afraid to make every time I see her.”
-Joy M
“Emily offers coaching and knowledge to people in the same ways in which she operates, which is to be tough.  It’s the same in her teaching practices.  Tough. Strong. Detailed. To the point and thorough.  It gets the f*cking job done.  There’s no patty cake. No ring-around-the-rosie. It’s straight to the jugular. And for those of us who are serious about life’s expansion and growth, whether consciousness or yoga, it’s received with great gratitude.  Because life isn’t easy. And neither are most lessons.  And NEVER are the greatest teachers.”
-Emily U
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