Yay! I’m so happy you’re here to explore all the weird and wonderful ways we can move together. Browse the classes in each category to find the movement you need and the time you have to play.

Remember, this is all about staying curious and feeling better in your skin!


Foundational yoga poses with a solid sprinkle of inversions and arm balances. I’m gonna break it down for ya here to help you understand what your body needs to do in each of these shapes.


Classes geared toward helping you achieve active and passive end ranges of motion. I want you to enjoy the weird and wonderful limits of your movement potential.

Myofascial Release & Restorative

Rest and self-care are essential to your overall health, so these classes move nice and slow. Restorative classes allow more time to open up and Myofascial Release is a great self-massage technique using yoga props and trigger point therapy balls. Come turn yourself into a puddle with me.


Understand the journey in your body toward poses that create more load and active ranges of motion. These classes that break down the muscular actions into bite-sized pieces for ya.

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